We offer the best African experience to match the holiday hunger and expectation. Our conviction is that our packages must be very affordable to most tourists. Amis Tours has been founded by Pancras Malani after many years of experience as a tour guide. He knows what tourists want and what most tour companies fail to do. At Amis Tours we propose, listen, consult and let tourists dictate what they wish to do. We are flexible to accept whatever changes to make the stay as much pleasant as possible. We collaborate and use specialist and multilingual guides to facilitate better communication between locals and our clients.

In addition to all classical tours around Southern Africa , we prefer personal and customized itineraries to match individual needs and wants.

Smaller groups of less than 10 people have option to eat one meal at the founder’s home with his family. Less than 4 people can share the house for a night or two with the family. These options can be extended to other friends and family members throughout the region. It is the best way so far to discover the hidden cultural treasure of African diversity.